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Love, Connection: Gay Teen Love.

The uncomfortable feeling in the tension of grace and truth is love. and God as well. However, love never harms. A theological conviction should never be a catalyst to treat someone poorly. We can accept the person without approving of their choice to be in (or pursue) a same-sex relationship. Love people, but remember what the Bible teaches. Deepen your relationships, but hold firm to conviction. Never give up on the person or Scripture. Love never takes sides. Love has no exception clause. I see this love lived out by some parents of gay teenagers. These parents love their kids no matter what and nothing about their relationship changes. They thank the teen for trusting them with this part of their life. At the same time, they hold true to what Scripture says not only about sexuality, but also about loving others.

Love, connection: Gay teen love.


Few of us ever forget our first teenage love. With hormones firing on all cylinders and intense passion, the experience can be overwhelming and a little disorienting. I first fell in love at 15, with a popular 16-year-old hockey player who showed his sweet, romantic side when he was alone with me. Nearly 40 years later, I can still vividly recall my all-consuming heartache when he moved away, as well as the feeling that I would never recover.

Moreover, researchers have documented the negative results when children do not receive this type of love. Therefore, evidence shows that unconditional love is one of the most powerful factors in healthy development for children and teens.

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