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SS-GB (2017)BBC Miniseries Free Download

SS-GB (2017)BBC Miniseries Free Download

Are you a fan of alternative history, thriller, and sci-fi genres? Do you want to watch a gripping drama series that explores what would have happened if Nazi Germany had invaded and occupied the United Kingdom during the Second World War? If yes, then you should not miss SS-GB, a 2017 British drama series produced for the BBC and based on the 1978 novel of the same name by Len Deighton. [1]

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SS-GB follows the story of Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer of Scotland Yard, who is working under the supervision of the SS, the security force of the Nazi Party. Archer is a loyal British officer who tries to avoid involvement in political crimes and resistance movements, but he is soon drawn into a complex web of intrigue, conspiracy, and espionage when he investigates a murder that may be linked to the German Army's secret programme to produce an atomic bomb. Along the way, he meets Barbara Barga, an American journalist who has a hidden agenda, and Sir Robert Benson, a British aristocrat who leads a covert resistance group. Archer must navigate the dangerous and murky waters of collaboration, betrayal, and loyalty, while trying to protect his son and his lover from the brutal realities of life under Nazi rule. [2]

SS-GB is a five-episode miniseries that was adapted from the novel by James Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. It was directed by Philipp Kadelbach and starred Sam Riley as Douglas Archer, Kate Bosworth as Barbara Barga, James Cosmo as Harry Woods, Rainer Bock as Fritz Kellermann, Maeve Dermody as Sylvia Manning, Lars Eidinger as Dr Oskar Huth, and Jason Flemyng as George Mayhew. The series was praised for its production values, cinematography, and performances, but also criticized for its muffled dialogue, slow pace, and lack of historical accuracy. [3]

If you are interested in watching SS-GB, you can download it for free from our website. We offer high-quality video files in various formats and resolutions that are compatible with your devices. You can also stream SS-GB online without any hassle or interruption. Just click on the link below and enjoy this thrilling and captivating series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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